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Re: wnppalert


Steve M. Robbins schrieb:
> About two years ago, Arthur Korn posted a nifty script "wnppalert"
>  http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2001/debian-devel-200103/msg01386.html

> Since I'm lazy, I thought I'd ask whether someone else has already
> fixed up the script and could post it here for the benefit of all.

Here's my current version of the script.

Maybe I should wormify it to get as many DDs as possible to use
it *eg*.

ciao, 2ri
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#! /bin/sh -e

# wnppalert -- check for orphaned or put up for adoption, installed packages

# get a list of packages with bugnumbers. I tried with LDAP, but this is _much_
# faster

INSTALLED=`mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/wnppalert-installed.XXXXXX`
WNPP=`mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/wnppalert-wnpp.XXXXXX`
WNPP_PACKAGES=`mktemp ${TMPDIR:-/tmp}/wnppalert-wnpp_packages.XXXXXX`

wget -qO - http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned| \
egrep '^<li><a href="http://bugs.debian.org/'| \
sed 's/<li><a href="http:\/\/bugs.debian.org\/\([0-9]*\)">\([^:]*\): \([^<]*\)<\/a>.*/O   \1 \2 -- \3/'\

wget -qO - http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/rfa_bypackage| \
egrep '^<li><a href="http://bugs.debian.org/'| \
sed 's/<li><a href="http:\/\/bugs.debian.org\/\([0-9]*\)">\([^:]*\): \([^<]*\)<\/a>.*/RFA \1 \2 -- \3/'\
>> $WNPP

cut -f3 -d' ' $WNPP | sort > $WNPP_PACKAGES

# A list of installed files. This shouldn't use /var/lib/dpkg/status directly, but speed ...

grep -B1 'Status: install ok installed' /var/lib/dpkg/status| \
grep Package| \
cut -f2 -d' '| \
sort \

comm -12 $WNPP_PACKAGES $INSTALLED | xargs -i grep {} $WNPP
echo "Yours obediently, $0"
) | mail -es "Packages installed on `hostname` appear on WNPP" root


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