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Re: RFC: New required package: libblkid1

"Matt Ryan" <mryan@debian.org> writes:
> > The big question is whether or not read-only root is sufficiently
> > common case that it's worth torquing things just to support it.
> This I see as the crux of the matter. We are in danger of going to far in
> wanting to satisfy any desire people have.
> Historically all sorts of crap was in /etc - some moved out as it got
> big (mostly to /var) but that doesn't mean we need to remove as much as
> we can, in fact we could now with large disks go back to putting it all
> in /etc.

If it were really the case that the proposed changes made the system
worse, then I'd agree with you -- but I think in fact, they actually
clarify the system and make it better, even for cases that _do_ have a R/W
root, and so don't strictly require any change.

Backwards-compatibility is a strong argument against such changes, but the
fact that all kinds of random shit is in /etc for historical reasons is
_bad_ (it just makes the system harder to understand), not some kind of
ideal state we're moving away from!

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