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RFC: New required package: libblkid1

In the next release of e2fsprogs, I've integrated a new shared library,
libblkid, which is used to interpret UUID= and LABEL= specifiers.  The
idea is to have a single implementation of code currently living in
mount, mke2fs, tune2fs, e2label, and fsck, and to store a cache of where
block device to UUID/Label mappings in the file /etc/blkid.tab, so that
that these programs don't have to search every single block device (and
LVM and EVMS devices) in the system.  For systems with large numbers of
disks, it can save quite a bit of scanning!

I propose to put the libblkid1 shared library in a separate package, and
since required packages: e2fsprogs (and soon in the future, hopefully
the mount package, once I write and submit the patch so that mount uses
the libblkid library) will depend on it, the libblkid1 shared library
needs to have a priorty of required.  The library itself is small, and
results in a reduction of size in e2fsprogs programs, so the net
increase in disk space used in the root filesystem is quite minimal.

Any comments, complaints with this plan?

						- Ted

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