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KDE packages putting plugins in /usr/lib


  I'm going to adopt noteedit, and while going over the packaging I
noticed that it drops a library in /usr/lib.  This causes Lintian to
complain (because it has a development symlink, and the postinst doesn't
call ldconfig)

  Some discussion with the author revealed that it is a plugin for
Konqueror.  I assume this means it gets ldopen()d, so it probably
doesn't need to be in /usr/lib or need ldconfig.  A number of other
packages seem to dump KDE plugins in /usr/lib (eg, kbabel) -- is there
any way we can get these things out of that directory?

  Anyway, since it looks like there's no better way right now, I'll
upload a first version that has the plugin in /usr/lib.


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