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Re: KDE packages putting plugins in /usr/lib

>   Some discussion with the author revealed that it is a plugin for
> Konqueror.  I assume this means it gets ldopen()d, so it probably
> doesn't need to be in /usr/lib or need ldconfig.  A number of other
> packages seem to dump KDE plugins in /usr/lib (eg, kbabel) -- is there
> any way we can get these things out of that directory?

Assuming your admin/ is recent enough, you can edit the Makefile.am
where the plugin is being built and change your lib_LTLIBRARIES to
kde_module_LTLIBRARIES (and rerun make -f Makefile.cvs or Makefile.dist),
and all should be fine.  This has worked for me in several cases.

KBabel is a slightly different case because the authors have explicitly
given their libraries sonames and programs like /usr/bin/kbabel
explicitly link against them.

Anyway, I'd give that a try.


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