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Re: Packages from Potato

> > The problem is that they probably don't want to mirror the whole potato tree, 
> > which is several GB of data, while only 132 packages upon thousands can be 
> > useful for woody...
> By risking to repeat myself ;-) : use a proper mirror script, which uses 
> the Packages file to determine which files to mirror.
Why not use the script "distsync" from
"http://dpartialmirror.sourceforge.net";. Even if it's called "partial"
it synchronizes everything up to a full mirror. And it does everything
you need from

 - synchronize exactly what you wish, i.e. a complete i386-Woody.
 - moving referenced packages of any dist (i.e. Potato) to the
referencing dist (i.e. Woody)
 - moving all packages completely into the pool

and a lot more. I.e. it keeps a mirror always consisted, even during updating.

O. Wyss

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