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Re: LSB 1.3, localization and Debian

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Gerhard Tonn]
> > .. The results are very promising except that there are about 50
> > failures in the li18nux area that is part of LSB since version
> > 1.3. This is caused by the fact that the patches from
> > http://www.openi18n.org/subgroups/utildev/dli18npatch2.html are not
> > or only partially integrated into the Woody packages. The same is
> > true for sid.  Should I go ahead and write bug reports providing
> > patches for Woody and sid or how do we want to deal with it?
> I suspect it is to late to try to get LSB compilance into Woody.
> I suggest you work with the openi18n group to get these patches into
> the upstream version, and when this is fixed you file a "new version
> available" bug into BTS asking the maintainer to upgrade to a version
> with full LSB support.  If upstream is missing, unwilling or very
> slow, you should consider trying to get the patch only into Debian.

It is probably helpful to provide a patch for each problem through
the BTS to the package maintainer and the upstream author, so they
don't have to spend large amounts of time on that issue but can
update their package quickly.



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