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Re: LSB 1.3, localization and Debian

[Gerhard Tonn]
> .. The results are very promising except that there are about 50
> failures in the li18nux area that is part of LSB since version
> 1.3. This is caused by the fact that the patches from
> http://www.openi18n.org/subgroups/utildev/dli18npatch2.html are not
> or only partially integrated into the Woody packages. The same is
> true for sid.  Should I go ahead and write bug reports providing
> patches for Woody and sid or how do we want to deal with it?

I suspect it is to late to try to get LSB compilance into Woody.

I suggest you work with the openi18n group to get these patches into
the upstream version, and when this is fixed you file a "new version
available" bug into BTS asking the maintainer to upgrade to a version
with full LSB support.  If upstream is missing, unwilling or very
slow, you should consider trying to get the patch only into Debian.

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