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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?


> > How about leaving stuff as it is, keeping a list of files in /etc that
> > get written to in the docs and leave it up to the admin who builds a
> > complex netbooted system, since those people aren't going to stick with
> > the standard solution anyway. If d-i can someday install complex
> > netbooted systems, we can think about this issue again.

> It's still not FHS-compliant; since we're going to be non-compliant one
> way or another (as is everyone else on these points), we might as well
> put the files somewhere that it's reasonable to standardize on later, and
> in the process help admins who are creating complex systems.

Yes, the FHS fails for bootup. Traditionally, if you got your system to
mount the root filesystem and give you a shell, you have everything in
place to mount the other filesystems. If you follow the FHS word by
word, this is no longer true. Thus, we either have to break FHS for
those programs that are meant to work at bootup, or patch them so that
they still work even when following the FHS.


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