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Re: Packages from Potato

On Fri, Mar 14, 2003 at 09:36:02AM +0100, Johann Glaser wrote:
> Hi!
> Why are there so many packages in Woody, Sarge and Sid coming from
> Potato?
> I'm administrating a debian mirror (only i386-Packages). It mirrors
> Woody, Sarge and Sid, but not Potato. When installing a new Debian
> system via the network from our mirror, the installer breakes with an
> error message saying "couldn't get libident".
> Now I looked in all Packages.gz files. Unfortunately a lot .debs don't
> come from the pool/ directory but from potato!
>   132 package files for Woody
>    86 package files for Sarge
>    63 package files for Sid

Just mirror all files that are mentioned in Packages.
See eg. http://masqmail.cx/debiansync/ for a script. But there are lots 
of others.

> Look to the attached file (31666 Bytes) for a list.

This wasn't really necessary, we all know how to use grep ;-).

> Why is it that way? When can we expect that these distris don't depend
> on Potato any more? 

These are packages that were not updated since potato. Not using the 
potato directory would mean that they have to be copied, consuming more 
mirror space. I don see a problem here, a proper mirror script should 
cope with that.


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