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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

Emile van Bergen wrote:
> First I want to say that /run is very much OK to solve the problem at
> hand; it's just a pity that we decide to add a top-level direcory with a
> such a very limited purpose.

How about: /boot/state or such? /boot/run if you want it to be analagous
with /var. The idea being that /boot tends to be small, and local, and
that there is a mnemonic that this is stuff that gets written early during
boot. The downside perhaps being that some admins choose to mount /boot
ro most of the time. Just an idea.

> Naming according to purpose has brought us /etc and /usr. These names
> have no relevance whatsoever today. At least with naming according to
> properties you don't run that risk.

Yes, instead we would have /drum, /core, /tape, and /disk. Whee.

(BTW, I just thought of a reasonable back-formation for /usr -- 
user-space programs.)

see shy jo, who has a system with both /ram and /disk

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