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Re: ifupdown writes to /etc... a bug?

Right now the two tendecies are "/run, early-available /var/run" and
"/mem, the everywhere-present for-everything ramdisk". This hasn't
turned into a flamewar yet... maybe because not enough options are
available. So i'll add mine ;P

Consider this alternative, which i think may make everyone here quite
happy. We have /usr for static programs data and /var for data that needs
to be changed automatically. Consider this new scheme that does nothing
but pushing the logic a bit further :
	- /usr for static data.
	- /var for changing files that programs may use.
	- /whatever for files used by programs, that need changing, but
	  don't need to be preserved on shutdown.

Then /var/lock and /var/run would become /wtr/lock and /wtr/run. The old
ones would be symlinks to the new ones, like /var/spool/mail now points
to /var/mail. We could even move /tmp to /wtr/tmp (which would be a good
thing imho, but breaking tradition in a violent way ;).

The new directory would be cleared on startup, and its structure would
be copied from /etc/whatever.skel, or something equivalent, which would
make it possible to still manage permissions/have packages add their own
subdirectories of, say, /wtr/run.

Such a directory would be required to be available early, which is
possible given its nature. This would fix the problem. This would make
the filesystem organisation cleaner (imho, of course). This would make
possible to realise my dream and have /var shared between clone systems.

Comments ?

Jeremie Koenig <sprite@sprite.fr.eu.org>

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