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Re: r/o root filesystem?

Andreas Metzler <ametzler@downhill.@.eu.org> writes:

> Greg Stark <gsstark@mit.edu> wrote:
> [...]
> > I don't think policy says anything about this,
> [...]
> FHS say that /etc/ is supposed to contain static data, but of course
> this only applies to normal operation, i.e. it is perfectly ok to
> write to /etc/ on bootup.

Well it's ok if we say it's ok. I'm saying perhaps since there's so little
that requires it we should decide it's worthwhile to give up those few places
and make ro root filesystems a supported configuration.

> interesting files: mtab, modules.conf, 

indeed. I seem to recall mtab can be a symlink to /proc/mounts but I'm not
certain on the consequences of that. modules.conf we could just skip the
update-modules step if modules.conf isn't writable.

passwd/shadow, /etc/resolv.conf (dhcp)

These files should _never_ be modified by the system. They're configuration
files for the admin to edit. dhcp should be set up to modify a file in /var so
the admin can optionally make resolv.conf a symlink to it.

> adjtime, asound.state. - Find is your friend.

I'm not certain about these. adjtime always struck me as misplaced in /etc and
I don't know what asound.state is and don't have one, but from the name it
certainly sounds like it belongs elsewhere.

> Use devfs.

I know. Though from Miquel's response perhaps that won't be necessary.


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