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Re: Manpages translation

On Wed, 05 Mar 2003, Denis Barbier wrote:
> The very first question is: do translated and English man pages belong
> to the same package?
> IMO answer is yes, with a special exception to the manpages package.
> Ideally, manpages-xx only contain the translations of man pages contained
> in the manpages package (and also -dev), all other translations being
> shipped by their respective packages.

Agreed. We already have localepurge to control what manpages will remain in
our systems after package install, as well.

Manpages and debconf templates belong in their packages.  Not only that, but
translators who do not have the concept of reading the source to try to make
sure their translation is correct often end up producing useless/wrong
translations, and the more tied the translations are to their source, the
better to avoid that IMHO.

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