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Re: debconf template translation

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 01:03:16PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> > I don't write only about debconf templates in the long future. I like to
> > translate _any_ text with any debian package. Package descriptions and
> > debconf templates are only the first step. 
> It's even *more* important to work with developer when translating
> everything else as the man pages and so on are part of the package
> upstream as well as in Debian.

In your opinion, why are these man pages shipped by manpages-fr
and not by their respective packages?

   arch.1 basename.1 bash.1 cat.1 chgrp.1 chmod.1 chown.1 cksum.1
   cmp.1 comm.1 cp.1 csplit.1 cut.1 date.1 dd.1 df.1 diff.1 dir.1
   dircolors.1 dirname.1 du.1 echo.1 env.1 expand.1 expr.1 false.1
   find.1 fmt.1 fold.1 grep.1 groups.1 head.1 hostid.1 id.1
   install.1 join.1 kill.1 ln.1 logname.1 ls.1 lsattr.1 mkdir.1
   mkfifo.1 mknod.1 more.1 mv.1 nice.1 nl.1 nohup.1 od.1 paste.1
   pathchk.1 pr.1 printenv.1 printf.1 ps.1 pwd.1 rev.1 rm.1
   rmdir.1 sleep.1 sort.1 split.1 stty.1 sum.1 tac.1 tail.1 tar.1
   tee.1 test.1 touch.1 tr.1 true.1 tty.1 uname.1 unexpand.1
   uniq.1 uptime.1 users.1 vdir.1 wc.1 whereis.1 who.1 whoami.1
   yes.1 get_kernel_syms.2 init_module.2 query_module.2 fd.4
   fstab.5 nfs.5 cfdisk.8 chat.8 depmod.8 dmesg.8 dumpe2fs.8
   e2label.8 fdformat.8 fdisk.8 insmod.8 ipcrm.8 ipcs.8 losetup.8
   mkfs.8 mkfs.minix.8 modinfo.8 modprobe.8 mount.8 pppconfig.8
   pppd.8 pppdump.8 pppstats.8 setsid.8 sfdisk.8 umount.8 vmstat.8

Given that some DD do not want to ship translated man pages, I see no
difference in putting them in manpages-XX and managing them outside of


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