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Re: debconf template translation


(I CC: the PTS master)

On Mon, Mar 03, 2003 at 03:23:13PM -0300, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> > question to debian-devel:
> > 	should I fill bug reports about translated debconf translation?
> > 
> > IMHO a list, sorted by source package maintainer, is better.
> Teach the DDTS to work as the PTS does (or do it through the PTS).  Allow us
> maintainers to subscribe to all the debconf translations for all our
> packages (or to none at all. I doubt we would need more granularity than
> this).  If this is possible, document it, because right now the web pages
> imply we can do that for the package translations, but mention nothing of
> debconf template translations.

The DDTP send all translations to the PTS. The package descriptions and
the debconf translations. Both use the same PTS email address. Maybe we
should split this to ddtp-pdesc and ddtp-debconf? Raphael? 

If you subscript the ddtp PTS mails, you will get the translations

> I am most definately NOT wandering around the web site, requesting
> god-know-how-many times a damn hyperlink to get the po tranlations for my
> packages.  And don't tell me the DDTS is integrated to the PTS just because
> of that link the PTS displays: that link does NOT let me get an update to
> all the .po files in my package.

The .po files from ddtp are not ready yet. Maybe this week I will get
this working. After this I will make a announcement and some links at
some place..

> The DDTS is right now geared toward the translators, apparently.  Please
> add some maintainer-friendly machinery to it, and I will gladly start
> using it as well...

I will do this. see below 

> > > > Use the PTS and you will find your translations. Use the PTS and you
> > > > will get your mails... See the announcement some weeks ago... 
> Hmm, document this in the DDTS, will you? I will search now for that
> announcement mail to see if it applies to debconf templates.  I still miss a
> proper way of retrieving the updated templates, though.

Today I will collect all mail of this thread and mail a summary like
mail to debian devel with a TODO list for the DDTP.

If you or others have additional task for a better intergration of the
DDTP with the package maintainers, or new comments mail in reply to this
summary mail.

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