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Re: debconf template translation

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 06:28:19PM -0600, Steve Langasek wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 12:43:14AM +0100, Michael Bramer wrote:
> > We translate debconf templates since years into many languages. But some
> > package maintainers don't include the translations in the deb packages
> > or need 'some' time for this. We all know this problem, query the BTS if
> > you don't believe this fact.
> > Since 6 months we translate debconf templates with the DDTP. If we
> > translate <400 debconf templates into German, we will have translated
> > all debconf templates from all sid/main packages. Other languages like
> > es and da started the translation too. See the process on 
> > http://ddtp.debian.org/debconf/gnuplot/ddts-stat.png
> > But the package maintainers don't use all this translations.
> And I think the fundamental reason for this is that the DDTP *is not
> notifying maintainers about new debconf translations*, which had been the
> procedure for some time before the DDTP ever became involved.

Please don't write something like this, if you don't know the facs!

_three_ years ago I start a debconf translation coordination web page
and we translate debconf templates, bug the packages and put the bts
numbers on the webpage. (The page start with 200 packages with debconf
templates, and was growing with the time.)

Some packages use the send translations and close the bugs. Thanks again
to all this package maintainers.

Bug some package maintainer don't support translations, don't have time,
collect the translations to avoid upload, wait for a new upstream
version, ...

> I signed up to receive description translations by email when this
> service was first made available, even though there is no way for a
> maintainer to directly use translations today.  But when the DDTP started
> translating debconf templates, no emails were sent.  No bugs were
> sent, even though this is clearly something package maintainers are in a
> position to address (the primary complaint about description
> translations).  Why?

Because of:

> I have tried to navigate the DDTP website to find debconf translations.
> The pages are difficult to navigate and slow to load.  I care quite a bit
> about l10n, but these pages are too cumbersome for me to be bothered
> with.

The webpages are in progress... 

Use the PTS and you will find your translations. Use the PTS and you
will get your mails... See the announcement some weeks ago... 

IMHO this is a better way...

> > (I don't bug all the packages, yet. IMHO this is not the right way.)
> Yes, it is.

No it is not.

> > We need a way to get the translations to the debian user, without any
> > work of the package maintainers. They only delay the whole process.
> Before you declare that package maintainers delay the process, I think
> you should make more of an effort to put these templates in the hands of
> maintainers, which IS the right way to get this done.  I don't see how
> you can claim maintainers are delaying the process when you're not
> involving maintainers IN that process.

Sorry, but the source package maintainers are can't help, they can only
delay the process. 
> |Name: templatedb_debconf
> |Driver: File
> |Mode: 644
> |Filename: /var/cache/debconf/templates.dat
> |
> |Name: templatedb_de
> |Driver: File
> |Mode: 644
> |Filename: /var/cache/debconf/debconf-de.dat.new
> |Readonly: true
> |Required: false
> |
> |Name: templatedb
> |Driver: Stack
> |Stack: templatedb_debconf, templatedb_de
> > Maybe someone have some comments about this?!
> > If nobody have objections, I will produce some debonf-l10n-LANG.deb
> > packages with all debconf translations from the DDTP and a working
> > debconf.conf example...
> And what happens if the maintainer makes a change to the template shipped
> in the package, but the external language-specific template file is not
> updated?  I absolutely DO object to any approach that could result in a
> user seeing an out-of-sync l10n template instead of an up-to-date English
> template.  The best way to deliver up-to-date translations to our users
> is by specifically *involving* the maintainers, not by working around
> them.

I object too. debconf should never show a outdated text (languorous if
this is a english or a translated text).  But this is a debconf bug and
not a bug of the translation. 

You can stack db's from various sources in debconf (like ldap etc.) and
debconf must avoid showing any information, that is outdated in some
db's and don't matches the installed package.

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