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Re: debconf template translation

Colin Watson wrote:
> So, how do I find all debconf templates for my packages?
> http://ddtp.debian.org/stats/debconf/mantainers.en.html (sic) claims
> that I can do this, but the URLs it suggests don't exist. When you have
> 30-odd source packages, it's incredibly tedious to trawl through looking
> for package names.
> The one update that I did find (faqomatic, although that's in the
> process of being adopted by somebody else) was certainly never sent to
> me. If it had been I would have uploaded it almost immediately. As it
> is, it's just rotting.

Similarly, I am *desperately* trying to get all of base-config's
translations up-to-date. It's very easy for some translations; these
have active maintainers who just commit them to the debian base-config
cvs repository every time I change english text, and even update my
changelog for me. It's well-nigh impossible for the translations that
are in the PTS, since for many language only half of the translation is
available, and it doesn't match the 50% of a translation I already have
in base-config cvs for that language. Leaving me trying to manually hunt
down and download and merge po files somhow. This is very frustrating.

> I have corrected errors in translations in the past; I estimate that I
> have to make corrections about one in five times I receive a translation
> (whether PO files or debconf templates). Just because I'm a native
> English speaker doesn't mean I can't make a good attempt to check
> translations into other languages, particularly of text I'm familiar
> with, and spot obvious errors.

Same here, though I'd call it more like one in ten times for me, and
somewhat less lately with po-debconf po files.

> DO NOT try to circumvent me for packages I maintain, PLEASE; it is a
> persistent myth that maintainers cannot help with translations, and it
> is simply arrogant and wrong. If you persist in regarding package
> maintainers as people who are just out to get in your way, then it's no
> wonder you're encountering resistance.

What he said.

see shy jo

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