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Re: debconf template translation

Michael Bramer wrote:
> yes, but we don't need a Debian developer for translation. If the Debian
> developer don't understand the translation, he only impaired the
> process!

The same could be argued about fixing bugs or anything else. I just got
an ipv6 patch for slrn. You think I/most other developers understand
ipv6 yet? I'm sure that the debian ipv6 project should instead look for
ways to bolt on ipv6 after the fact without being "impaired" by the
useless package mantainers. The debian ipv6 project should just ship a
big .deb file that contains *every* ipv6 binary, and diverts all the
useless ipv4 ones.

> I don't write only about debconf templates in the long future. I like to
> translate _any_ text with any debian package. Package descriptions and
> debconf templates are only the first step. 

It's even *more* important to work with developer when translating
everything else as the man pages and so on are part of the package
upstream as well as in Debian.

> But, all this text will change with the time. And it will change not
> only sometime, we have a lot of changes (believe me).
> If some package have make changes, the ddtp will get the changes after
> the package upload, after some times, the big languages will translate
> the changes, the package must upload a second time (only for the
> translations), some times later some other languages (like somes from
> star trek) will translate the changes... 

We've been talking about back channels in this thread to allow
maintainers to pass on changed text before they upload in the first

And my plan expressely addresse what to do when you want to add another
language to the set.

> You don't see the technical ugly. Why must we recompiles any package on
> any build server only to include some translation? Why must we wait for
> the maintainer? 

What is technically very ugly is undermining the concept of what a
debian package is and what it should contain by bolting translations on
the side of the system in such a hackish and doomed to be perperutally
out of date way as you keep trying to do. But between package
descriptions and now denconf templates, I am almost at a loss to try to
make you understand how gross the hacks you keep proposing are. I think
that until the DDTP figures this out, all of you will be doomed to
spinning your wheels and not helping debian much at all.

> We need a stack dbdriver, that get the english and the translated text
> and use only the translated text, if the english text is the same from
> the deb file. 

You want me to implement gettext _again_, in the debconf db backend?
UGH. No thanks.

see shy jo

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