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Re: debconf template translation

On Sun, Mar 02, 2003 at 01:03:16PM -0500, Joey Hess wrote:
> Michael Bramer wrote:
> > yes, but we don't need a Debian developer for translation. If the Debian
> > developer don't understand the translation, he only impaired the
> > process!
> The same could be argued about fixing bugs or anything else. I just got
> an ipv6 patch for slrn. You think I/most other developers understand
> ipv6 yet? I'm sure that the debian ipv6 project should instead look for
> ways to bolt on ipv6 after the fact without being "impaired" by the
> useless package mantainers. The debian ipv6 project should just ship a
> big .deb file that contains *every* ipv6 binary, and diverts all the
> useless ipv4 ones.

you know packages like 'libapache-mod-auth-pam'?

This packages add some features to some other packages. This is a normal
way, if the base programm support things like modules. 

A translations don't change any program, translations don't add any
bug, translation only add some new feature (a new language). 

I don't see any problem if this translation in a extra package. 

The package maintainer _can_ add this translation in its package. Nobody
will avoid this. 

> > But, all this text will change with the time. And it will change not
> > only sometime, we have a lot of changes (believe me).
> > 
> > If some package have make changes, the ddtp will get the changes after
> > the package upload, after some times, the big languages will translate
> > the changes, the package must upload a second time (only for the
> > translations), some times later some other languages (like somes from
> > star trek) will translate the changes... 
> We've been talking about back channels in this thread to allow
> maintainers to pass on changed text before they upload in the first
> place.

This is not a real problem. We can do this and I like this idea.

> And my plan expressely addresse what to do when you want to add another
> language to the set.

sorry, I don't understand this phrase...

> > We need a stack dbdriver, that get the english and the translated text
> > and use only the translated text, if the english text is the same from
> > the deb file. 
> You want me to implement gettext _again_, in the debconf db backend?
> UGH. No thanks.

You don't want you to implement gettext. But Debconf shouldn't show
outdated information from any database...

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