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Two weeks notice

From The Register [1]:

"Two Weeks Notice

On the bright side, at least Red Hat and Mandrake have policies that will
allow me to plan, or to make other arrangements. I still have a bad taste in
my mouth from the Debian 2.1 support debacle. On September 14th, 2000, the
Debian project announced that, as of September 30th, support for Debian 2.1
would be dropped entirely."

Seems that out there they do not realize that when Debian releases a new
version of the operative system, we have gone through a process of making sure
that in 99.999% of the cases an upgrade to a new package is supposed to
preserve the old configuration files if they are compatible or provide an
upgrade path/instructions in case they are not.

They do not realize that when we release, we have verified that in most of the
cases an upgrade from a previous release is painless.

Or I am wrong? ;)


[1] http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/61/29330.html

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