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Re: Proposal for removal of mICQ package

>>>>> In article <[🔎] 20030215005735.GQ19446@rilke>, Cardenas
>>>>> <mbc@debian.org> writes: 

 > Are you guys nuts? Upstream just wants their software to run
 > optimally, and the maintainer refuses to do so. What's wrong with
 > upstream informing users of the situation?

	I see. So, you take a program, add a poison pill to make it
 stop working, add a time bomb to make sure it passes initial testing
 by people, obfuscate the code to hide it from random scanning, ensure
 that the maintainer shall never see the bug by explicitly excluding
 him from the poison pill effects, and silently upload this, thus
 deliberately targeting Debian users, and you think this is just
 upstream informing users? 

	Interesting communications channels you have in your part of
 the world.

 > Obviously, the upstream developer is interested in debian, and
 > interested in making the package work right if he's willing to go
 > down the long road of the NM queue. All we're doing is turning away
 > a perfectly capable developer for a few printf's?

	Please read the code posted on the list. It was a Denial Of
 Service attack, not a few printf's, cleverly hidden, and designed
 specifically to defeat nominal testing mechanisms Debian employs.

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