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Re: [debian-devel] mICQ packaging (was: Re: On the matter of Qt packaging)

>--[R?co -mc- Gloeckner]--<debian-ml@ukeer.de>
> On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 10:11:02AM +0100, Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:
> > >--[Martin Michlmayr]--<tbm@cyrius.com>
> > > * Rüdiger Kuhlmann <debian-list-Z03BQH65YjkN@ruediger-kuhlmann.de>
> > > > mICQ was never "unmaintained" upstream.
> > > Out of curiosity, do you know why micq was removed from Red Hat Linux
> > > in version 8.0?
> > understand them). That may or may not be the actual reason; it may also be
> > to reduce the amount of packages - RH8.0 doesn't ship any text based ICQ
> > client at all (not mICQ, not YSM, not vICQ, not centericq).
> Rumors say that Redhat Developers use licq only.

Maybe, and? I experienced licq as buggy, at least concerning it's KDE
plugin, so I only use it for client interaction testing. (Btw they released
a new stable recently)

> Infact, Redhat is targetted mainly to Desktop Users.

_corporate_ desktop users.

> They seldom choose console programs, or they remove console Programs if
> enough desktop Alternatives are available.

Yes... you don't have to explain me...

> Also, Redhat has a limited Resource of Developers themselves, they
> cannot offer the same Amount of Packages like Debian do.


> I guess they also limit themselves by the amount of CDs.


> Also, most Programs offer RPM Downloads, so Redhat probably couldnt care
> less if the Package is in the Distribution if Users dont yell loud about
> it missing.


> However, all this is wild speculating.


> AFAIK did Redhat never contact Ruediger or me to give reasons why they did
> remove the Package.

* RH never shipped a recent mICQ package since I was related to mICQ.
* there was never a RH guy on the mailing list
* I never used RH, so I didn't care whether they shipped it or not
  until mICQ became stable and it's user base became bigger (that's
  0.4.9, and at that time RH already had decided to drop it)
* there is an abundand amount of distributions using .rpm to choose from
* ... but pretty much only Debian to use .deb.

But, ala, since even Sander admitted that it wasn't nice, this is all moot
and water under the bridge. I like filing bug reports...

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