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Re: [debian-devel] mICQ packaging (was: Re: On the matter of Qt packaging)

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 10:11:02AM +0100, R?diger Kuhlmann wrote:
> >--[Martin Michlmayr]--<tbm@cyrius.com>
> > * R?diger Kuhlmann <debian-list-Z03BQH65YjkN@ruediger-kuhlmann.de>
> > > mICQ was never "unmaintained" upstream.
> > Out of curiosity, do you know why micq was removed from Red Hat Linux
> > in version 8.0?
> The last version shipped with RedHat was in RedCrap 7.3, and that was mICQ
Ruediger, I guess most of us dislike the way Redhat works and thus chose
Debian, however please stay to the Facts and dont go below the belt

> [...]
> understand them). That may or may not be the actual reason; it may also be
> to reduce the amount of packages - RH8.0 doesn't ship any text based ICQ
> client at all (not mICQ, not YSM, not vICQ, not centericq).

Rumors say that Redhat Developers use licq only. Infact, Redhat is
targetted mainly to Desktop Users. They seldom choose console programs,
or they remove console Programs if enough desktop Alternatives are

OTOH, do any of you know why fvwm was removed? (as the mentioned
Releasefiles says).

Also, Redhat has a limited Resource of Developers themselves, they
cannot offer the same Amount of Packages like Debian do.

I guess they also limit themselves by the amount of CDs.

Also, most Programs offer RPM Downloads, so Redhat probably couldnt care
less if the Package is in the Distribution if Users dont yell loud about
it missing.

However, all this is wild speculating. AFAIK did Redhat never contact
Ruediger or me to give reasons why they did remove the Package.
(Actually atleast i never had Contact with the Redhat Packager at all)

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