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Re: Some ideas about the Debian Runlevel System


Am Mit, 2003-01-29 um 08.36 schrieb Miles Bader:
> I wish debian would switch to something a bit more modern and less
> bizarre than the sysv init (but more featureful than the traditional BSD
> one).

I used LFS before debian, an I really liked the simpleinit scheme used
there. It is made by R. Gooche (or somthing like that, I can't remember
names), the guy that made devfs and is packaged in util-linux. It works
about like this:

You only have _one_ directory with scripts, and no symlinks. Init runs
each script one by another. To get this in an orderly fashion, scripts
call "need $dependency" before they do anything. So for example
"net-filesystems" would have the line "need network" to call "need".
Need checks if "network" is running (this is by asking init somehow I
think), and it not, it runs it. This way you get a real depency tree.

The advantage is that this is a very flexible.way. Since the dependency
is a regular command, you can put it in "if"s or use variables. For
example this way you can "emulate" runlevels by calling a script
"runlevel.1" and just put all the "need $service"es is there that should
go with this runlevel. You start this by passing "runlevel.1" as a
command line argument to init. (I think you can set init up in a way
that it starts "runlevel.$1" so you can call "init 1" for runlevel 1).

I am not sure if this is implemented by now, but proper rollback support
with reverse dependecy checking was planned.

I think this would be a great way for Debian: It is flexible, simple and

Could others tell us about their experience with simpleinit?

Joachim Breitner
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