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Some ideas about the Debian Runlevel System

Hi folks,

Debian supports currently 7 Runlevel 0,1 and 6 are predefined.
But 2 - 5 aren't really used. At default we link every Programm in every
Level, I think this is a bit of counterproductive. If we would do a
logical breakup in the runlevel there would be many advantages. 
Like more overview or a better administration. 
Many network services have to be restartet if modifications to the
Interfaces are made (for example Bind) if we put the Network Services 
in one runlevel we just have to change the Runlevel, change out
Interfaces and change the Runlevels again. 
I would prefer something like this:

Runlevel 	Function   	     		Programm to run 
0		halt				none (of course ;) )
1		single User 			just a rootshell
2		Multiuser without Network 	everything except Network Daemons
3		Multiuser with Network		every Network-App except of X 
4		reserved for own solutions	same as in 3 
5		X				$displaymanager

I have to talked to some people in the last time and they alle agree
with me that this would be a much better solution than the actual

So I want to ask for your opinions about that thing. 

I also think that a change-over to this System wouldn't be very painful 
only the Display Managers and all Network Daemon including networking
have to be changed. 

So I'm waiting for your comments 

yours sincerly 

Alexander 'formorer' Wirt

Alexander "formorer" Wirt       KeyID: BC7D020A
EMail: formorer@formorer.de     ICQ: 28651245
WWW: http://www.formorer.de 
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