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Re: more and more broken packages?

Erik Steffl wrote:
>   it looks like there are more and more broken packages. I have been 
> using unstable for few years and generally there were no problems, all 
> packages where upgradable, no version mismatch etc.

I wonder if we need to tell you that ``unstable'' is named this way
for a reason.  There are good chances that packages break or become
uninstallable, especially during one or more transitions.

Speaking of transitions, you may have forgotton that there was a Perl
and Python transition already, glibc, GCC and Gnome are still in
progress, KDE hasn't started yet.  This cries for problems and
uninstallable packages etc.

At least I would expect such things to happen in unstable for at least
two more months.  I'm quite happy that nothing serious happens.  If a
package is simply uninstallable, that's fine since it prevents from a
broken package - but I would even expect this during the number of
transitions that are curently being made in Debian/unstable.

It'll take a while to calm down.



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