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Re: more and more broken packages?

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 06:39, Erik Steffl wrote:
>    now I still have the following packages on hold (uninstallable):

> ih libpgperl		7.3rel-8  7.3.1-5
> ih libpgtcl		7.3rel-8  7.3.1-5
> ih postgresql		7.3rel-8  7.3.1-5
> ih postgresql-client	7.3rel-8  7.3.1-5
> ih postgresql-contrib	7.3rel-8  7.3.1-5
>    as far as I can tell each of them is broken:

>    why do developers upload packages that clearly cannot be installed? I 
> mean I understand that from time to time there is a problem but current 
> situation is quite bad and it seems to be getting worse.

These packages can be installed; if there are no dependency problems
that prevent it.  Apparently you have such problems, but I've no clue
what they are, since you "haven't investigated them" or haven't told me.
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