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pbuilder running :) [ppro trolls read this]

Hi all,

I've just configured pbuilder to run over the Sid distribution on a 
Pentium Pro 200 - it might take some time :) I have parsed the
all the Packages files into MySql and am running a script that will attempt to
build a package only when its dependecies were already built.

I'm also running it with pentium-builder and compiling with pentium-pro
optimizations. So to all the i686 trolls, give me a list of the packages
that you want me to benchmark against the regular i386 ones. I'll
run all benchmarks on an Athlon 650 with 512M once I finish compiling
Sid. :)

Anyway, everyone, you can get the logs for your packages at:


Currently there is not much there - it will only list the last 250 
packages that were attempted. I'll add a search box for logs sometime
tomorrow night.

NOTE: I've only mirrored /pool for sources. But a few packages already
failed because their sources are still in /dist under potato... 
Will these ever get moved to pool?
As if now, it's finished about 0.3% of packages in Sid. (running for about
30 minutes now)

WARNING: I _will_ file FTFS bugs once I determine that the build
failure is because the package is buggy. There is already a few (3 or so)

- Adam

PS. My script is not pefect - sometimes there is a build failure because
it couln't fetch a package -- that's my problem not necessarly your
package's :)

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