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Need advice before making about a dozen FTBFS bug reports (Was Re: pbuilder running...)

Adam Majer <adamm@galacticasoftware.com> writes:
> NOTE: I've only mirrored /pool for sources. But a few packages
> already failed because their sources are still in /dist under
> potato... Will these ever get moved to pool?

>From this I got an inspiration to try building all the packages that
currently reside under /dist/potato. Of these packages, total of 19
(13 in main, 6 in non-free) failed to build, mostly due to missing
build dependencies.

I tryid building them under User-mode Linux running up-to-date Sid.
(And yes, I do have all Essential: Yes packages and
build-essential_9-1 installed.)

Since I am not a Debian developer, I would like to have my intention
to file these as bugs commented by someone more knowledgeable than
myself - mostly to avoid making a fool out of myself.

If I understand correctly, source dependencies were introduced at
policy 3.1.0. Most of these packages, state Standards-Version 3.0.x or
older. Should I still file a bug if I am not able to build to build
the package without installing packages not mentioned in
Build-Depends? Since the missing dependencies seem to be fairly easy
to figure out, I am able to provide enough information to fix the
package - or in most cases I can attach a patch in my byg report. (I
will not, however, try to update the Standards-Version on any of these
packages, I really do believe that should be done with someone more
familiar with the policy.)

Should I file these bugs as Severity: normal or perhaps
important/serious/grave, in the cases when the build clearly fails due
to missing Build-Depends?

Should this be considered as a mass bug report and should I therefore
use maintonly instead of submit?


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