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Re: more and more broken packages?

Erik Steffl wrote:
>   it looks like there are more and more broken packages. I have been 
> using unstable for few years and generally there were no problems, all 
> packages where upgradable, no version mismatch etc.

Wow! How often do you update? I regularly (1/week perhaps...) encounter
small brokeness in unstable. And occasional ``whip me'' catastrophes
when I don't read the changelogs/versions on update (1/libc upgrade ;D).
But I would say that more often than not it is ``stable.'' And, of
course, well worth the bumpy ride.

>   however over time the quality went  sharply down (during last 6 month 
> - year?), to the point of debian being routinely unupgradable 
> (automatically, using either aptitude u-g-g or apt-get update && apt-get 
> dist-upgrade). there are various conflicts etc. and I can only make it 
> work (somewhat) by removing packages, sometime dpkg --remove (apt-get 
> remove doesn't seem to work, it stops because of the problem I am trying 
> to fix)

I find that too. Dselect always saves the day, though, and is easiest to
use, IMO, to clean up broken dependencies. I use apt-get install for
quickies mostly... aptitude scares me still. I try it every now and then
though, to see if I can learn how to tweak it to my will. But I usually
run to helm's deepselect to battle the deborcs.


>   any info on what's going on appreciated (and no, it's the unstable, 
> stupid, doesn't count, for the reasons mentioned above).

I'd say to try out dselect. ``Old'' perhaps, but seemingly more
reliable, for dependencies with its default setup, than aptitude etc.. I
still encounter weirdness with dselect at times of course. My web server
lost the root filesystem on a massive upgrade recently. But that may
have been a finger slip. ;P The other interfaces seem to miss a few
things...  perhaps we haven't configured them correctly??

Mike Brownlow

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