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Re: Bug#177638: ITP: gdm2-themes -- Graphical login themes for gdm2.

On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 06:10:50PM -0500, Sean Harshbarger wrote:

> Right but looking as to how gdm2 is not in sid then this has to stay
> until someone either A) uploads my packages or B) The rightful
> maintainer uploads his packages. So looking at the current situation
> neither A nor B will happen until someone has the balls to upload my
> package. Then the name will be gdm and not gdm2.

So? There is no gdm2 package, there won't be a gdm2 package so your
gdm2-themes package is useless until gdm is updated to GDM 2 package.
Until then it makes no sense to upload your package to Debian, since its
dependencies (gdm >= GDM 2) are not fulfilled.

 - Sebastian

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