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Re: [joke] Re: Proposal: Debian release numbers

#include <hallo.h>
* Anton Zinoviev [Thu, Jan 16 2003, 12:22:56PM]:

> > > As far as I can remember such bugs didn't stop the release manager to
> > > freeze testing.  After their fixing woody was officialy released.
> > > 
> > Yes, but that would mean boot-floppies hasn't held up the release -
> > has it delayed the freeze date?
> Yes, it delayed the freeze date.  But this doesn't mean that
> boot-floppies had no problems at the freeze date.

_Which_ freeze day? My memory says, missing _reliable_ information about
the freeze day interrupted the smooth work of boot-floppies team.

 - Go, go, make BFs ready, we freeze in two weeks. Minor fixes have to

...some weeks later...

 - Oh, no, we have another two months, let's implement X, Y, Z.

... one month later...

 - Oh, another rumors about comming freeze day, lets release
   boot-floppies quickly


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