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Re: [desktop] debian backgrounds package

On Sun, 12 Jan 2003, Mark wrote:

> I think the size of the backgrounds should be 1280x1024, and then they
> can be resized to 1024x768 and these 2 background sizes are used by 80%
> of the users (according to http://www.kde-look.org/poll/poll.php?poll=19
s/the users/the current users/
I guess there will be a change in the not so distant future.
I would prefer an approach where we provide 1600x1200 and rescale the
images at installation time using a parameter adjustable by debconf.

Some ideas about this topic also were discussed in the thread


> .  I also think that the voting should only vote for the backgrounds and
> there should be a seperate vote for preferred resolution.  These two
> votes should not be coupled at all.  Otherwise you may end up with
> background1@1024x768 and background2@1280x1024.  It's important that all
> of the backgrounds in the package be of the same size.

Kind regards


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