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Re: more non-PIC static libs in shared libs

On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 02:57:11PM -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> Woah, the version maps are for a completely different issue than

Ah, sorry.  Seems I read a bit more context into your post than was
intended.  TEXTREL and hand-crafted assembly was what this thread
started out with.

>   Is this library being compiled -fPIC or not?

The C part of course is compiled with -fPIC, but...

>   Does this library contain hand assembly or not?

... there are a couple of optimized x86-assembly files.

>   What are the relocations against?  readelf -r can show you the
> contents of .rel.text.

.rel.text is empty--the lib is lintian-clean.  But still the TEXTREL
flag is set (on i386), and therefore prelinking might fail.  Policy so
far only talks about compiling shared libs with -fPIC, it doesn't
mention assembly.  In order to support prelinking, some folks prefer to
require TEXTREL being unset.  The technical implications of this change
are still unclear, however (to me, at least): Is there a way to massage
an asm-optimized shared lib into non-TEXTREL form that doesn't degrade
performance? Even if the asm code is not position-independent and
already occupies all available registers? (In other words, if it's x86
assembly. ;-)



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