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Re: Bug#175647: ITP: configure-debian -- Central configuration program for packages using debconf

On Wed, 2003-01-08 at 09:07, David Nusinow wrote:
>  configure-debian is a program allowing you to reconfigure installed
>  Debian packages that use the debconf system. Debconf provides
>  first-time installation wizards that are seen when a package is
>  installed. configure-debian displays the different subsections
>  available, such as x11 or base, and will then allow you to pick a
>  package that uses debconf from that section to reconfigure. Because
>  configure-debian uses debconf itself, it will use the same interface
>  that debconf is configured to use.

Have you been in contact with the gkdebconf author? It sounds like your
program would replace theirs, so they might be interested in helping.
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