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Re: Bug#175647: ITP: configure-debian -- Central configuration program for packages using debconf

On Tue, 2003-01-07 at 03:39, David Nusinow wrote:

> configure-debian is a simple package that acts as a frontend for
> configuring other packages. This is not a complete system
> configuration solution, but rather, a simple way to configure
> programs that are packaged using the debconf system. 

This might mislead people into thinking that Debconf is a general
purpose system configuration tool.  It is not; it is just effectively an
install-time wizard.  I would prefer it if this description read:

This package will allow you to rerun the first-time installation wizard
for some packages.  Currently, any package which uses Debconf may be
reconfigured in this way.  This package will use the same interface that
Debconf is currently configured to use.

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