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Re: Proposal: Debian release numbers

Gustavo Franco <stratus@legolas.alternex.com.br> writes:

> > Since  Linux 2.4 was included in woody (despite claims by the popular press
> > to the contrary), I'd say that is definitely not a major change.
> With gcc 3.2, KDE 3.1, GNOME 2, Linux 2.4 kernel(by default), and
> XFree86 4.3(maybe?) we can't disagree that sarge is a major upgrade,
> calling 4 or 4.0.Or not?

I think the major version need change when Debian things (like Debconf
in many packages from potato -> woody, for example) and Debian
Installer (woody -> sarge) but not because GNOME 2 or others

I think if we improve the major version always when new versions are
going to Debian, we never will have 3.1, 4.1 or whatever. 

cya! :)

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