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Re: Debian GPG Key maintainence?

El día 06 ene 2003, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh escribía:
> On Mon, 06 Jan 2003, Steve Kemp wrote:
> >   Does uploading the keyring to keyring.debian.org make the key propogate
> >  into the debian-keyring package automatically, or do I have to inform
> >  somebody?
> It will propagate, eventually. The keyring in that package is not to be
> used, really.  Get the up-to-date keyring using rsync.
> Also, the update of the keyring (after you submitted the key to the
> keyring.debian.org server) may take a short while (up to a month, I think).

 Updates to keyring are very quick. What can take more are new key
 submissions, as those require manual approval.

  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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