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Debian GPG Key maintainence?

  Recently I became a member of the Debian project, with
 a particular email address - one that I've been exclusively
 using since around 1996.

  Due to a variety of circumstances I've now stopped using
 that - although I can still read the mail delivered there.

  What's the best way to start using the new address with
 my Debian duties?  Presumably I should create a new key
 and sign it with the old one.

  If that's uploaded to keyservers is that sufficient, or
 do I need my keyring entry updated?  Something that seems
 to take "a while".

  I looked on db.debian.org, which I thought would be the
 obvious place to do this automagically - but no joy.

  (To complicate matters I've subscribed to debian devel
 with an email address specific to this mailing list, but
 that could be changed without too much effort).

skx@tardis.ed.ac.uk   - Old
steve@steve.org.uk    - New and improved and stuff.

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