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Re: gcc 3.2 transition in unstable

El día 06 ene 2003, Eduardo Pérez Ureta escribía:

> Changing sonames in Debian if upstream doesn't change them would make
> Debian binaries incompatible with RedHat ones.
> But, What is worse?
> Making Debian 3.0 incompatible with RedHat 8.0 or making Debian 3.0
> incompatible with Debian 3.1?

  For sure, making Debian incompatible with RedHat. All apps in Debian
  3.0 can be recompiled using gcc-3.2 and ported to Debian 3.1. But
  there are a lot of software out there that you cannot recompile and
  it's compiled only for RedHat. Breaking that compatability leaves out
  people using such software (and I'm not talking about
  'kinda-bimba-bumba' software, buy important apps)

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  Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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