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Re: Debian GPG Key maintainence?

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 20:56, Steve Kemp wrote:

>   What's the best way to start using the new address with
>  my Debian duties?  Presumably I should create a new key
>  and sign it with the old one.

As IANADD, can't help you with everything other than this: I would avoid
creating a new key. Creating a new userid on the old key avoids most
problems. You can optionally revoke the old userid, of course. In any
case: since it's the same key, people are not required to download your
new key, but can continue to use the old one - that it is not updated
with the new userid is not too bad.

Spreading the updated key is of course still necessary, but is easier
IMHO than distributing a new key.

-- vbi

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