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Re: /etc/passwd doesnt contain all users

Michael Neuffer <neuffer@neuffer.info> [2002-12-30 23:12:19 +0100]:
> And when you do so, please make sure that you don't simply grab
> any uid.....

Basically adduser starts that first available uid and proceeds forward
after that.  A number is a number and from the pool of available
numbers any one of those is as good as any other.

> It is a major hustle to resynchronize uids between machines that 
> use NIS.

Excuse me?  You mean that don't use NIS, right?  NIS is how people
synchronize uids between machines.  Not that I like it, would rather
use LDAP, but YP/NIS does have good points and will keep the uids the
same on hundreds of hosts.  I can personally vouch for that.

> It is really fun when you share filesystems and your 
> machines think that the files belong to different (system) users.

Yes, that would be a problem.  If you share files over NFS then those
uids would need to be synchronized.  But that would seem to apply to
non-system files and not to system files.  I would not recommend
keeping system files on other hosts.  But there are many unique needs
and I am sure I do not know your system operation requirements.
Unique needs call for unique configurations.

> It is very funny, when this happens to your sendmail for 
> example...

Yet another, "Excuse me?"  When would any sendmail files ever be
shared?  That does not fit any workable model in my head.  Being local
to the machine the local uid will override the NIS uid and everything
works fine.  Or if adduser detects the NIS uid it won't add a local
one and therefore you will get the NIS one.


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