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Re: [Final comments]Are we losing users to Gentoo?

> So SOMEONE PLEASE step out there and start working on an i686 distro. It
> will take a minimal time to port. And it will progress THE WORLD!!!

The problem is that YOU or someone needs to step out, 
instead of trying to suggest it on someone else.

I tried, and figured out that it is not really a minimal time to port.

It needs hardware, and CPU time, and software infrastructure (or the 
skill to create such infrastructure), and ftp/http server space.

Try finding the above items, and if you can find them,
please go ahead, noone will stop you (except those kids on this
mailing list who claim that the change is minimal and you are 
wasting your time optimizing for architecture, which is complete

The following is a page which I tried to summarize what 
I've been doing so far, and how far I've got with regards
to this topic. The thing is still moving on, albeit slowly:


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