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Re: [Final comments]Are we losing users to Gentoo?

On Mon, 30 Dec 2002 13:18, Hunter Peress wrote:
> I approached this list with the _IDEA_ of doing an i686 distro because
> the main arguments that I AM HEARING (yes, in irc and the web) is that
> they really believe that compiling all libs on your actual machine gives
> you so much performance (enough to not use debian, and to use gentoo).

OK, go for it.  When you've compiled the performance critical packages for 
i686 etc and found them to give benefits for you then you can setup an 
aptable repository.  When you announce your repository of i686 compiled 
applications make sure that you keep good web logs so that you can track how 
popular such things really are.

Once you have shown that your i686 packages really are faster than i386 
packages, don't contain many more bugs, and are desired by users then we can 
talk again.

I encourage anyone else who is interested to discuss this matter with you 

Please make sure that you let me know when you have some packages ready, I've 
got an Athlon machine that has performance problems and I wouldn't mind 
testing whether a i686 optimised libc6 does any good.

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