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Re: [Final comments]Are we losing users to Gentoo?

* Hunter Peress <hu.peress@mail.mcgill.ca> [2002-12-30 12:10]:
> http://www.geocrawler.com/archives/3/210/1999/9/0/2678785/ argues that
> not everyone has a 686 chip now. Well  its three years since then, and
> even MORE OF US DO. OK?!?!?!!?!??????????

 Oh, nice.  What was that quote with multiple exclamation/question marks?

>  -not everyone has > i386, AND i think this email does a good job of
> knocking this bullshit and nowadays even less warranted conservatism
> down.

 It simply isn't bullshit.  I am using Debian on one 486 and some 586 on
my own, and I know that there are others.  Don't call facts bullshit.

 Kept aside of course that having both i386 and i686 won't do no harm

> So SOMEONE PLEASE step out there and start working on an i686 distro. It
> will take a minimal time to port. And it will progress THE WORLD!!!

 So you are volunteering to do it?  Great.  I am looking to hearing from
you on that topic soon.  Your efforts will be appreciated.

 If you are not, who do you think you are to demand such things from a
voluneer organization?  Sorry if this sounds ignorant but I for my part
as a volunteer like to do things because _I_ believe in them and not
because some jerk comes along and forces me to do it.  Some might like
your idea and help you, but pretty please change your tone for you are
definitely _NOT_ in the position to use it that way, thank you.

 So long!
To err is human, to moo bovine.
                -- unknown

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