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Re: [Final comments]Are we losing users to Gentoo?

>  It simply isn't bullshit.  I am using Debian on one 486 and some 586 on
> my own, and I know that there are others.  Don't call facts bullshit.

Actually, it does this argument no good to cite your particular
situation. Next, my proposal is simply to get an i686 distro out there,
and through this experimentation it should become obvious that it is in
higher demand than i386. Again, there is NOTHING more to say on this end
until tests have been done and actual distro/server is out there (more
>  Kept aside of course that having both i386 and i686 won't do no harm
> here.
> > So SOMEONE PLEASE step out there and start working on an i686 distro. It
> > will take a minimal time to port. And it will progress THE WORLD!!!
>  So you are volunteering to do it?  Great.  I am looking to hearing from
> you on that topic soon.  Your efforts will be appreciated.
>  If you are not, who do you think you are to demand such things from a
> voluneer organization?  Sorry if this sounds ignorant but I for my part
> as a volunteer like to do things because _I_ believe in them and not
> because some jerk comes along and forces me to do it.  Some might like
> your idea and help you, but pretty please change your tone for you are
> definitely _NOT_ in the position to use it that way, thank you. 

I'm very new to debian. So you must understand 
that this is why I am reaching out to the community.

***Here is my gameplan***:

First, since I wasnt able to find ANY results on google for actual
comparisons (and benchmarks) of programs compiled for i386 vs i686.
Since my googling did not produce them, I will have to produce these on
my own. (and Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de>, this is why i posted those
"worthless [dreams]", instead of hardcore data).

When school gets back in session (the 15th, University of Texas at
austin (www.cs.utexas.edu)). I will put out an advertisment to find all
debian users, so that I can hopefully find one volunteer at least to
help me set up a benchmark machine, and run the tests. (i currently do
not have the resources to do this out of my own pocket,and would hence
need the school to provide a machine for me (shoudlnt be an issue,
pretty much guaranteed)).

Next, these results will definitely prove what I have been saying. (if
they dont, then approximately 10 billion dollars of intel research is
down the drain (eg a fraction of the 40 billion they spent...) ).

Next (assuming positive results,(else: work stops here)):

I will publicize them, thereby I will be able to find someone in the
debian community with build experience to help me with the process of
starting an i686 distro. (Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> seemed to start me
off with some tips..., but I think that making it completely like
another architecture is the way to go, instead of replacing the major
packages within the i386 arch).

Next, with the testing of the distro, I will publicize these results,
whereby I will be able to find someone in the debian community (most
likely one of the current mirror maintainers), to add this i686 distro
to their collection.

Next, I will publicize these results, whereby someone in the debian
community will give it a test run, and integrate this into wherever it
needs to be (at very minor points), just as a guarantee that there will
be no hiccups.

At this point, there should be an i686 distro.


Jan 15: begin i386 vs i686 tests
Feb 1: desired date for results (apache,X,mplayer,gimp,and others..
(remember, the kernel you actually compile on your machine (most of the

Feb 3-15: publicization of results and community outreach for an
experienced debian architecture maintainer (or developer) to lend me a
helping hand.

Feb 25-April 15 (maybe even months more...): work on i686 distro.

April 16: Publicize i686 to mirrors, seek volunteer (mirror(s)).

Beyond: Enjoy the fruits of laber. Laugh at gentoo (or be scared of them
(who knows what they'll be like at this point)).


PS(russel, your email just came in when i sent this, thanks for the
support!!! all these angry attitudes make me feel horrible (btw, when i
say bullshit, its not directed at anyone)).

BTW, mozilla distributes an i686 version as standard, I hang out in
their irc a lot, so I will get some data on the ratio of i686 to i386.
Yes...debian recompiles back down to 386....but this a source of data.

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