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Re: Another pbuilder run finished

* Junichi Uekawa 

| > > I was thinking of some kind of mailing list you can stuff
| > > random build logs at, so that people can go and check, for a start.
| > 
| >   I think that it could be nice if there is also a little script when
| >   you can get "packages to built". As a start it should give packages,
| >   mark packages which build log has been sent, and unmark some of the
| >   packages, given a timeout, if the log has not been sent.
| >   Something like distributed.net or seti@home do.
| Currently, my scripts do builds choosing packages at random,
| and if it is random enough, it should be good enough, due to the nature of 
| pbuilding (we don't aim at building packages for use, we are building for 
| building's sake)

It would be cool if we could try to rebuild the whole archive using
gcc-3.2, even before the transition starts, to see how much fails.

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