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Re: Bug#172189: ITP: openscenegraph -- C++/OpenGL based graphics development library.

On  Sun, 8 Dec 2002  Joshua Haberman <joshua@debian.org> wrote:

> Between reading this description and reading the website, I still have
> no idea what this library actually DOES.  I've done a fair amount of
> OpenGL programming, so I should have enough background knowledge to
> know what this library does by reading the description.

My apologies ... I also spent a bit of time reading
http://people.debian.org/~walters/descriptions.html for inspiration,
before coming up with this. I do not feel 100% happy with it yet (I'm
trying to do a proper job of it this time), and will appreciate
further feedback:

Description: Scene Graph graphics development library for C++/OpenGL
 In a Scene Graph, the world is broken down into a hierarchy of nodes
 representing either spatial groupings of objects, settings of the
 position of objects, animations of objects, or definitions of logical
 relationships between objects such as those to manage the various
 states of a traffic light.
 The OpenSceneGraph supports various culling techniques, LOD nodes,
 state sorting, vertex arrays and display lists as part of the core
 scene graph. It has loaders for various common formats, including 3DS,
 FLT, and PFB.
 The libopenscenegraph-demos package contains a scene graph viewer and
 various other demos of what OpenSceneGraph can do.

There is quite a nice description of what a scene graph is and can do
included with the source. Strange that I don't find it available on
the official web site. (At least its not trivial to find...)

Take a look at http://people.debian.org/~hvdm/introduction.html -
'scuse I didn't bother to upload images, etc.

> That it is a "graphics development library" tells me nothing.  Just spit
> it out!  Something like "whereas OpenGL deals only with individual
> polygons, OpenSceneGraph allows you to render a group of 3d models that
> comprise an entire 'scene.'  It handles details such as backface culling
> and shading that a 3d renderer would usually have to handle manually."
> If that's what it actually does (I'm still not entirely sure).

Do you think I've touched on the more important parts now? With your
background it is likely you will have a better idea of what is
important for the description...

Hugo van der Merwe
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