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Re: dinstall/debian-installer

On Wed, Dec 11, 2002 at 01:31:49AM +0000, James Troup wrote:
> Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:
> > - Change paths to config files in utils.py.
> Sigh, you don't need to do that.  See /etc/katie/katie.cnf on
> e.g. auric.

I don't have the config files installed in /etc yet.

> > - rose creates initial directories (actually some where missing; I can't
> >   remember which onces were missing and which ones were misconfigured
> >   though now).
> rose uses the provided config file; it'd be hard for her to "misconfigure" a
> directory

An example: $ftpmaster/indices was not created.

> Huh?  I don't think you mean melanie, she doesn't delete files.

Yes, I was confused. The program which does delete the files though
complians (I can't remember the name off hand).

> You seem to be making a fundamental mistake: cron.daily, katie.conf,
> apt.conf etc. are all not the best files to start from, they're
> ftp-master's real config file.  I know that's non-intuitive but that's
> just how it is always been hysterically.  Don't start from them and
> don't assume they're some kind of example to build from.  If anything
> the security ones are a far better example in many ways.

And that is documented where???

> > - cron.buildd is for buildd, I don't know where to get wanna-build from
> >   so I don't use it.
> Again, you obviously didn't look it's utterly trivial to find.

Errr... I did a google search, I search packages.debian.org, I searched
cvs.debian.org, where else?

> WTH are you talking about?  required for what?  cron.hourly simply
> runs julia which syncs postgresql ideas of users and the systems which
> is useful if you're using postgresql's 'peer sameuser' (or whatever
> it's called these days) access control on a multi-user system.  If
> you're not, then it's not "required".

I meant "not required" as in the context of private archives.

> > - cron.weekly might be important, but I don't understand what it does.
> Dude, it's 8 or so lines of shell script with comments.  Where's the
> difficulty?
> | # Purge empty directories
> | 
> | [...]
> | 
> | # Clean up apt-ftparchive's databases

Err because I think apt-ftparchive database is the Packages.gz and
Source.gz files, right?

What does it mean to clean these files up?

> > - cron.daily is pretty verbose.

I don't know why you a being so hostile.

I seem to be getting a clear signal back that you are not interested
with the feedback I am giving, and that you would rather I didn't try.

In which case, it may be best if I go back to using my home-made
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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